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Media, youth, education, gender issues, minorities, slavery, suicide, trafficking, equality, honor killings, drugs, prejudice, racism, lifestyles, stratification, economic disparity, neighborhood, community, transportation.

Government, war policy, weaponry, leadership, defense, corruption, secrecy, politics, "spin," equality, immigration, legislation, finance and banking, representation, corporate policy, suppression, rights legislation, discrimination, hypocrisy, veteran’s issues, prostitution, prisoner rights, indigenous rights, rendition,  terrorism, and propaganda.

Health, healthcare, disease, effects of poverty, effects of war, disaster relief, food and water shortages, overpopulation, lack of basic services, HIV/Aids, infant mortality, life expectancy, mercury, malnutrition, waterborne Illness, malaria, tuberculosis, drugs, mental Illness, breast Cancer, healthcare, STDs, paranoia.

Animal rights, endangered species, deforestation, natural resources, environmental apathy and disasters, climate change, fallout, nuclear waste, desertification, air pollution, carbon emissions, habitat degradation, agriculture, soil contamination, waste disposal, flooding, oil, space exploration.

Global unity, universality, togetherness, cultural empathy, conflict resolution, non-violence, the human family, scientific breakthroughs, success stories, charity, philanthropy, heroes, self-growth.

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